The number of vehicles in Kerala is growing, which has resulted in a tremendous need for gas stations throughout the city. To address the demand for petroleum goods in this city, businesses including Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, and Bharat Petroleum have installed their gasoline pumps throughout the region as the best petrol pump in kerala. If you're wondering what would be the result while 'petrol pump near me', is actually a long list. The best places to find these petrol stations in Kozhikode are in regions with high traffic volumes, and the most of them are close to important thoroughfares like Nadakkave, Mini-Bypass Rd, Mavoor Rd, YMCA Road, and Puthiyara. Check out the list given below to learn more about the gas stations in Kozhikode.

List of Petrol Pumps in Kozhikode

Despite rising costs, there has been a daily increase in gasoline usage. Due to this expanding demand, Kozhikode is seeing an increase in the number of petrol stations. There are numerous petrol stations in Kozhikode, however the ones in the list of best petrol pump in kozhikode are listed below: -

Bharat Petroleum

One of the top gas stations in the region is Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, located at Vandipetta, Kozhikode. Bharat Petroleum is a Bangalore-based public sector organisation that is ranked 394th on the Fortune 500. In FY 2020, 6.9 million metric tonnes of liquified natural gas were sold annually.

The following subsidiaries belong to this publicly traded firm as well:

Petronet LNG
Indraprastha Gas Limited
Bharat Renewable Energy Limited

Contact Address: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Vandipetta, Vandipetta, Kozhikode - 673005

Indian Oil Corporation

One of the top companies in the region is Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, which is located in Feroke, Kozhikode. Indian Oil Corporation is a national oil firm with its headquarters in Delhi. It is one of the largest firms in the world, ranking 212 on the Fortune Global 500. (2021).

With sales of 89.7 million metric tonnes in FY2020, it has half of the market share for petroleum products. 11 of the 23 refineries that are present in India are part of the Indian Oil Corporation's refinery strength. The capacity for refining 80.2 million metric tonnes MMT per year. In India, it makes up more than 32% of the refining capacity.

Contact Address: Gramathi, Palloor, Chokli, Mahe- 673310

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation

In the public sector, Kozhikode is home to Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, an oil and gas pump. The majority of the company has been held by ONGC since 2018. On the list of the 500 largest companies in the world published by Fortune in 2016, the company is ranked 367th. By March 2013, there were 14.80 million metric tonnes of refining capacity, up from 5.5 million metric tonnes (MMT) in 1984/85.

Contact Address: RS NO.132/2, Kunnummal Village Kakkattil, Vadakara, Kerala- 673510

Reliance Petroleum Limited

It is the biggest privately held petrol pump in India and is situated in Kozhikode. It is a division of Reliance Industries, the firm's parent. With a capacity to produce 1,240,000 barrels of crude oil per day on an annual basis, the firm has the biggest refinery in the world.

With a total output capacity of 68.2 million tonnes per year, it specifically runs two refineries in Jamnagar. The overall throughput for FY2020 was 342 kilolitres per month. The sum was twice what comparable Indian public sector gas station operators offered.

Contact Address: Pandakkal Reliance Retail Outlet (KLF071), Pandakkal Village, Mahe Taluk, Puducherry District, Mahe Pandakal, Kerala- 673310