It is the country most modern blood bank with state-of-art technologies and service. A pioneer in voluntary blood donation, they does not ask for replacement donors for providing blood to those in need.

There is a shortage of over 1 lakh units of blood for patients in kozhikode. Many accident victims, innocent children suffering from thalassaemia, pregnant women, cancer patients and other people in life threatening situations die due to shortage of blood.

The Blood Bank aims to meet the requirement of precious blood by organizing voluntary blood donation camps at education institutes, corporate offices and many other organizations and gatherings. It relies totally on voluntary donors and dispenses blood to those in need without asking for replacement donation.Voluntary blood donation is a selfless service and an expression of love for mankind. Blood knows no caste, creed, colour, religion or race.

We have three suitably modified air- conditioned vans fitted with couches to help conduct blood donors in kozhikode, wherever access to locations of organizations is difficult due to narrow approach roads or other administrative reasons. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of qualified and trained professionals

who follow stringent screening procedures, careful documentation and Good Laboratory Practices for collecting, processing and testing blood. We have a very dedicated motivation team which is constantly working hard to disseminate the message of the goodness in donating blood by extending your arm to help your brethren.

Blood donation is harmless, painless and absolutely safe and is, in fact, good for health.
The blood bank calicut works 24*7 to accommodate a need of patient when it arises. With a Component Blood Bank, they are able to supply both whole blood as well as its components such as packed cells, platelet concentrate, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate and saline washed packed cells.

Our source of blood is primarily voluntary or replacement from healthy donors. Each unit of blood we collect is screened and tested for HIV1, HIV2 and HCV antibodies, Hepatitis B, surface antigens, VDRL, malarial parasites and other irregular antibodies. Within 6 hours, component of each unit of collected blood is separated under strict aseptic conditions.

The blood we supply is SAFE, TRUSTED and CERTIFIED

We supply whole blood and blood components to both, our in-patients and out-patients, other hospitals and nursing homes as well.
When an in-patient requires blood, a request is sent to the Blood Bank by the doctor

The patient is given the required blood / blood components after necessary testing from the nearest blood bank in calicut.

Later, the patient’s relatives may be required to bring in donors to donate blood as replacement for the units issued.

For voluntary donor need to produce donor card. You need not bring in donors to replace the units issued. You may also avail the concession on the service charges levied on blood and blood components.

If you’re an out-patient in need of blood you need to furnish the following:

A written request from a doctor (MBBS / MD) / hospital stating the patient’s name / hospital identification number and specific requirements. Details must be furnished on a letterhead.

Patient’s blood sample in EDTA & plain bulbs. Make sure the sample is legibly and correctly tagged with his / her complete name.

The sample is then tested and the patient’s blood is matched. It is only when a match is made that blood or components are released to patients who require transfusion.

For blood donation,
Anybody can register as Donor by giving blood group, contact number, interested area to donate blood. The blood donors in calicut can view the list of existing blood requests and choose according to his convenience.

In Recipient service, a user can submit blood request by providing details such as blood group, number of blood units needed, hospital details, blood donors calicut phone number details, required date/time and bystander details, and submit the application.

Assure that you are following a healthy diet and is free from infections

1.Are they safe
Yes they are really safe and provided with hygienic atmosphere .
2. Is there a risk of transfusion disease
they make sure that new needles are used so no risk of diseases through blood transfusion.