Calicut, commonly known as Kozhikode, has been ranked as the second best place to live in Kerala. Numerous visitors may be seen having fun and taking advantage of the many stunning locations and things that this city has to offer. A few of the numerous things visitors to Kozhikode can enjoy include the stunning beaches, parks, distinctive cuisines, and historical landmarks. However, the other side of the same coin is sometimes invisible to people. Some residents of Kozhikode continue to live in poverty. Orphans and homeless persons both exist. Children frequently have to go to bed without having eaten. They occasionally go the entire day without even one meal. Children should be attending school, but some of them in Kozhikode lack the resources to do so. Child labour is a result, which is against the law. The inhabitants of Kozhikode deal with numerous issues like this on a daily basis.

The government and a few private businesses are contributing to the fight against these social ills with starting aid & support organization in kozhikode. Kudumbasree Units, Charitable Trusts, Arts & Sports Club and a variety of other organisations may be found in Kozhikode and do a great deal to assist the local population. People have access to shelter, and kids have access to education. Both parties are also kept entertained and informed with institutions like Art & Sports Club. Thus, Kozhikode's societies are growing steadily, and people are reaping good benefits as a result. The list below includes a handful of Kozhikode's few institutions.

Art & Sport Clubs

Sports clubs and facilities organise a variety of sporting events for the Kozhikode community's delight. Numerous facilities can be spotted in different strategic locations at arts&sports club in kozhikode. The Seven Star Arts & Sports Club, DSS Arts & Sports Club, Sentinels Sports & Arts Club, Sleeping Dynamites Arts & Sports Club, Mekha Arts & Sports Club, Metro Arts and Sports Club, etc. are a few of the well-known sports clubs in Kozhikode. Following is a list of every Art & Sports club in Kozhikode.

Seven Star Arts & Sports Club
Panayathattr, Kolathara
Kozhikode - 673655
Phone No.: 495-2481402

Vanitha Football Club
Velimadukunnu Post
Kozhikode - 673012
Phone No.: 9447319017

Yuva Mans & Sports Club
Kanthapuram, Unnikulam
Kozhikode - 673574
Phone No.: 9745530684

Dss Arts & Sports Club
No.29/1357, Kottooly
Kozhikode - 673016
Phone No.: 495-2743332, 2740803

Serv India
Temple Raod West Hill
Kozhikode - 673005
Phone No.: 495-2382812

Kerala State Ex Service Legue
West Hill
Kozhikode - 673005
Phone No.: 9447382855, 495-2384320

East Nadakkavu C H Cross Road Nadakkavu P O
Nadakavu, Kozhikode - 673011
Phone No.: 495-2760509

Sentinels Sports & Arts Club
Kozhikode - 673004
Phone No.: 495-2770130

Kerala State HAJ Committee
Kozhikode - 673004
Phone No.: 495-2721706

Arts & Sports Club
Nr Asoka Hospital, Bank Road
Kozhikode - 673001

Phinix Arts Sports Club Atholi
Kozhikode - 673001
Phone No.: 9947832787

Voice Of Poloor Arts & Sports Club
No.3/151, Kunthamangalam
Kozhikode - 673571
Phone No.: 495-2811682

Sarathy Arts & Sports Club
Bhoomivathukkal, Mananchira
Kozhikode - 673002
Phone No.: 495-2460168

Luna Arts & Sports Club
No.24/1815, Mankave
Kozhikode - 673007
Phone No.: 495-2332558

Charitable Trust

Kozhikode charitable trusts are constantly working hard to give the poor people a means of subsistence. Some charities are successful, while others are not. But it's important to recognise the work that each of them does. They are a driven and creative company that has a burning desire to empower the underprivileged Kozhikode communities through effective educational methods, by bridging the digital barrier, and thereby develop responsible global citizens in them to support and uplift the society. The list below includes a few leasing charitable trust in kozhikode.

A I Ismal Charitable Trust
PO Niit, Duyapuram, Kozhikode - 673601

Amala Charities Pvt Ltd
Near 4th Railway Gate, Amalapuri, P T Usha Road, Kozhikode - 673001

Beypore Orphanage
Beach Road PO, Beypore, Kozhikode - 673015

Bishops House Diocese of Calicut
Malaparamba, Kozhikode - 673009

Bodhananda Seva Society
Paroppady, Chevarambalam, Kozhikode - 673017

Calicut Charitable Trust
PB No 833, IG Road, Kozhikode - 673004

Calicut Islamic Cultural Society
Kolathara, Kozhikode - 673655

Calicut Sree Kasi Math
Kannur Road, West Hill, Kozhikode - 673005

12/634, Opposite Govt Vhss Kuttichira, Kozhikode - 673001

Darunnujoom Orphanage
Perambra PO, Kozhikode - 673525

Kudumbasree Units

Kozhikode district is one of the major districts in kerala which functions well in all sectors of developments. The programme kudumbashree in kozhikode district has lightened the lives of millions and planted confidence for many lives. There are 4 lakhs of families as the members of kozhikode district kudumbashree within 27656 NHGs. For the functioning and maintaining the district mission programs well satisfied, the district mission has 1565 ADSs and 82 CDSs. Apart from that Kozhikode kudumbasree district mission has well functioning she homes placed in different three places: She homes at Parayancheri, Rail view at Kozhikode railway station, and Feminera at Gujarath street. Continue reading to find top kumbasree in kozhikode district list.

Kudumbashree District Mission Kozhikode
2nd Floor, B Block, Civil Station

Kudumbasree CDS

Kudumbasree Cds Office

Kudumbashree CDS office
Ramanattukara, Kerala, India

Snehitha Gender Help Desk
2115, Anamika St

Ruchikoottu Kudumbasree Canteen
Veterinary Hospital Campus, NGO Union Rd

Kudumbasree Cafe

Shehomes Kudumbashree Vanitha Hostel
Mavoor Rd, Near VMH Clinic

Feminera Kudumbasree Ladies Hostel