There are numerous government institutions in kozhikode helping you in assisting all the basic needs from birth to death. They help you get your privileges and justice .
The government has launched various programmes for the welfare of the public which are monitorily divided to take in charge by specific offices who take up initiative in making it reach the public very conveniently.
The role of the government in enhancing the educational sector is a major thing to notice. The availability of free primary education has helped a lot of students from economically backward societies to get a great opportunity.
Kozhikode has one of the best schools with great faculties who are the backbone in making the students strive towards their bright future.
Rather than education they encourage students building up their talents and making them confident.
Inspite of being a government based organization, the schools are provided with smart classrooms , IT labs and much more. The language classes given to the students are really great helping them to speak various languages especially English with no difficulty.
There are various top notch colleges in Kozhikode under government which have numerous options of streams to choose with great quality of education.
The students get various scholarships and internships along with their studies . The government also focuses on giving financial assistance for students in need ensuring that nobody is denied or taken aback from getting educated due to financial reasons. For distant scholars they also have hostels with great facilities.
The government medical colleges offer the best education ever with great treatment for the public. Kozhikode medical college is one of the best colleges in India to ask for with great faculties and bright students.
Kozhikode has one the best engineering colleges in India- NIT. NIT calicut is one of the top notch colleges in the country.
Government has set up great institutions at Kozhikode giving importance to education.
Health centers in Kozhikode seek a healthy public and have launched various programmes for the same. Child health care programmes are given great importance. The authorities ensure that the people are healthy and disease free and get sufficient nutrition especially children. They ensures that the vaccinations
are done up-to-date without fail . Adolescent health is given great importance for which seminars and surveys are conducted on a regular basis.
The government offices in Kozhikode have such great people working there with great service and polite mannerisms. Irrespective of the need, the officials help you in any queries making it one of the best districts with great government offices.
1. Do the schools provide meals?
> Yes, under the the midday meal programme ,they provide nutritious food to the children
2. Are the doctors good at hospitals
> ofcourse! Besides general hospitals , the medical college hospital has the best of all time doctors to you can seek without risk